About us

The collective « To inform is not a crime » (TIINC) brings together a vast range of print, radio, TV and Internet journalists. Our aim is to fight all attempts to hinder access to free and fair information.

TIINC was formed in January 2015 in the wake of a draft bill from the French government which was pushing for growth. Part of this draft bill was jeopardizing our capacity to investigate.

Trade Secrets

TIINC was mobilized and spread out its message with success. Consequently, the French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron quickly withdrew part of this draft bill on the 30th of January 2015.

Our fight then went into European territory. In Brussels, the Commission, the Council and the Parliament enacted a directive called “Trade Secrets” which aims at protecting businesses from industrial espionage. This directive endangers European citizen’s access to free and fair information.

Media concentration

TIINC is also focusing on media concentration in Europe and its negative impacts. In France, a handful of business magnates now control a large part of the French press. Media concentration has never been so strong and so detrimental to free and fair information.